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Belize and Hurricane Iris and Mitch Belize and Hurricane Iris and Mitch
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My Stories

  • Habel Kimengi Kibunja

  • The story of Habel Kimengi Kibunja As told by Habel to Robert Ludwig, June 18, 1994   Mr. Kibunja would want "Praise God, everything I have comes from Him!" to be the first thing written about him. Mr. Kibunja was a Nairobi orphan, a street p[...]
  • Reiley - A Lesson from God

  • This is Reiley and he is a dog who loves to swim in a mountain river or creek! We were out to the east into the mountains on highway 2 the other day to get a pass for the national parks.  Following the Skykomish river, we kept looking for a wide spot in the[...]
  • The Crow

  • That Sunday was a tough day. I had dropped Beth off at work and headed north. Church just didn’t move me so I drove past that exit. Cruising through a store looking at their sales didn’t move me either and that exit was passed. I just wanted to sit alone in [...]